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This Omeka exhibition was organized by the 55 students in two sections of ARHS 110: Survey of Art, Part 1, during the fall semester of 2017 at Kenyon College. We thank Jenna Nolt, Digital Initiatives Librarian, for her technical assistance.

ARHS 110.01: Michael Berghold, Olivia Biel, Claire Bradham, Alan Brennan, Phil Crampton, Townes Delp, Andrea Evans, Richard Fu, Ian George, Jane Griffin, Ellie Holmgren, Jessica Kosek, Kai Long, Noah Nash, Paul Neubauer, Adam Pollock, Eddie Pozo, Fallon Raviol, Mary Angela Ricotta, Peyton Ristau, Nate Rosenberg, Keely Sweet, Liam Thor, Kenda Tucker, Andrew Wedeking, Lydia White, Amelia Yeager

ARHS 110.02: Kaelynn Alexander, Andris Balodis, Nathan Chandler, Patrick Conley, Miles Crawford, Becca Foley, Simon Fruth, Meaghan Haling, Chris Healey, Simon Hua, Max Humphrey, Patricia Koskei, Sean Lema, Duffy Lemire, Alex McDaniel, Isa Mojares, Annmarie Morrison, Patrick O'Leary, Reese Proctor, Lucas Roos, Samantha Stahlman, Miah Tapper, Gwen Tosaris, Lily Valentine, Zach Vuillemin, Joshua Walmer, Griffin Walsh, Alexandra Zablocki

Please report issues and comments to Professor Brad Hostetler.